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The Fall

by Avery

The Fall

What do you do when it’s all

said and done?

Do you fight for resolve,

do you strive to go on?

Do you throw it all down,

and walk through a door?

Do you sit back and laugh,

or do you cry evermore?

Once the battle’s been fought

and the gifts been rewarded.

Do you keep fighting onward

for your dreams they’ve been hoarding?

When all hope is failed,

and you feel you’ve been shorted,

where lies your strength,

to keep others from being thwarted?

You ask yourself this,

should I even go on?

After a tragedy like this,

you feel like nothing but a pawn…

So with a glance at the board

you plot your next move.

You set a new goal,

and you don’t plan to lose.

With your sights on your goal

at the opposite end,

there are pieces around you,

more pawns you call friends.

With the strength to press on

that comes only from groups.

You take a step forward,

just the pawns and you.

At first is seems rough,

as they counter your moves

but you’ve learned from mistakes,

and they ain’t got a clue.

You strike right back at them

with a new resolve,

and at last you watch

as the opposition falls.

Yet you’re not finished yet,

you approach the dead king.

You bend down and whisper,

and offer your queen.

For you’ve learned through your journey

that the best strength of all,

is the friends you have with you

to accompany the fall.

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