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Surgery Fundraiser

Hey there!

I’m having surgery soon and trying to do a little fundraiser to pay for some of the associated costs. I thought I’d offer to do some drawings/tattoos for you all! I’m charging $20 each. I’m also allowing for any donations you might be kind enough to give <3

  • Those who donate will also receive a drawing etc. if the donation is equal to or greater than $20

Depending on the type of drawing you want (basically, as long as it’s black and grey) I’ll mail you a physical copy. If you want something more along the lines of the space photo or Maisie, I will send you a digital file.



  1. Click on one of the payment buttons below. $20 will charge the standard $20 fee, Donation will allow you to choose how much to donate.
  2. If you donated $20 or greater, click the link in your confirmation email.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. I’ll let you know when it’s ready 🙂


Payments are processed through Stripe payments and are completely secure!



From time to time, I’ll be posting some of my completed artwork for auction! To participate, scroll down to the bottom of this page find the artwork you would like to bid on!

Thank you for your help! Here are some examples of the sorts of drawings I like to do:

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