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by Avery




Longing for nothing,

but always something.

Something in the nothing

which must still possess a something.


Too long now.

Searching, fretting, worrying the outcome.

And for what? On, and on.

That entity which, if something, must

always belong to nothing, even

if there be a hope that

nothing might turn into

something —  


Hollow as that nothing.

Something only for its being spoken

into being. A something made

from nothing, for something,

a feeling

that is nothing

in the end.


Something so far as to be nothing,


I am to do something

to bring about that nothing

in which case what matter is

that something, that nothing.


Nothing if not something.

Something that, to me, must

perpetually be nothing.

A journey up the mountainside,

searching, fretting, worrying the outcome

that nothing might be something

far more painful than a nothing,

a new beginning from an ending;

Of something

I do not know.


Nothing until something,

the most dreadful of them all.

For in that something that was nothing

each turns into nothing, or

perhaps into a something that will

blot out all the rest.


That this something might be nothing,

though I know it must be something;

I have nothing

more to lose.  

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