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My Shepherd

by Avery

Some say the emotions of particularly traumatizing, tragic

events, come at you in waves, and others describe it more like

a train that hits head on. The problem is, in either case, you never really

possess the forethought to piece together any semblance of a plan to

prepare and persevere through those tragedies. I never

gave time to devise how to handle my own undoing.


So when the vomit came and loneliness caressed, and when

the light of love seemed too far distant and that undiscovered

country too near and too enticing, between my thousand

breaths a second I knew not how to turn away and lose

the name of action.


There came to me then, in an instant due my beckoning,

the one soul I knew would help howe’er she may. She had

her family in tow to all join in and rein the weary traveller from

the undiscovered road. I owe them all what little I may still retain: my

life, my future, and whatever more I suffer.



A Poem, written by Avery.

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