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by Avery
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About Us:

We live for the minimalist. Those who long for freedom and seek to make the most of what they’ve earned. At Contained Life Solutions, we strive to create the custom built home of your dreams, using shipping containers as our building blocks. 

Why Shipping Containers?

Have you ever skipped across the ocean on a boat? Wind in your face, the spray of saltwater forming a pleasant mist, and the rays of the sun warming your tan skin?  The experience can only be considered a paradise for so long. What happens when the wind turns your face raw? When the sea spray turns into waves, careening over the rails, and pumping nasty salt water into all of your belongings? When the sunscreen wears away and that sun-kissed tan becomes a sun-slapped burn? 

Shipping containers are built to withstand the elements. They are built to travel across the world hundreds of times over, packing up to 55,000 pounds each trip! By recycling used containers to build your dream custom home, we aim to produce a structure that has all the character of a seaside paradise, while providing the durability necessary to withstand whatever nature has in store.

Aren’t Containers Ugly?

Don’t we all look a bit beat up after a long flight around the globe? Used shipping containers are no different. This doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful however. In fact, shipping containers are becoming more and more popular in home building as their industrial look becomes more modern. While we can hide most of the container with exterior cladding, most of our clients beg that we keep with the spirit of the containers. Check out some container homes on YouTube! Our goal is to take the containers, clean them up, and make them look new and modern, just the way you want them!

But What About Price?

That’s the beauty of it! By all estimates, there are millions of shipping containers lying empty all around the world. Not only do they serve as a cheaper, more durable option to wood-framed houses, you’re helping recycle and keep old containers from needlessly taking up space. With shipping containers you can put more of your budget towards the things you really want, like a luxury vehicle, or chef-grade kitchen appliances. Slash the price and elevate your life!

Containers Are For Everyone.

If there’s one thing we’re certain of, we know that we can create a container home that accommodates your unique lifestyle and your dream aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for a tiny house, or a three story business structure, we’re positive that containers can be the answer for you.

Photo From: https://barcelohomes.com/portfolio-items/26th-avenue-east-seattle-wa/

Be Involved.

Because containers can be stacked and placed together like Legos, anyone can design their own container home. Feel free to bring your own designs to us, or select from some of pre-made plans. Below is a plan for a micro-studio that a previous client brought to us. We are dedicated to seeing your dreams realised.

A client’s custom design for a 1,760 sq. ft. custom container home.