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Arte y México

by Avery

Arte y México

No plans for today. I woke up late and pulled out the laptop to search for things I might do besides walk around. I decided to go to the Museum of London and the Tate Modern (museum of modern art). But first I needed food and we all know how poorly I’ve been doing in that department. (So horribly I only had lunch today and I’m sort of really hungry right now. But my wallet ought to thank me…) Since I have been doing so poorly I decided to fall back to my staple; I decided to go for the one food that never does me wrong, the food I cook almost exclusively — I found some Mexican. I almost didn’t get the Mexican though because it turns out this place is located in the middle of a huge street-market and OH my did some of that food smell and look good. I had my heart set though, so I headed on over to Daddy Donkey’s “Kick-ass Mexican grill.” It’s basically a tiny corner shop that’s mixed into the street market. They actually had their own market stall right outside their door that served quesadillas whereas the shop served burritos, tacos, and burrito bowls. I chose the burrito with carnitas for the filling and I got the fajita burrito so that they added some peppers and onions, and then the medium salsa and rice. Top it with cheese, sour cream and a touch of guacamole. I was in heaven. I don’t know if I can live in a place without hispanic food. Peruvian, Brazilian, Mexican, Argentinian, I don’t care, but I need that good hispanic food in my life.

Arte y Inglaterra

After lunch I took off down the street to find the museum of London. It was alright. Nothing special, really. But it killed some time. When I finished there I went walking trying to find the Tate Modern on my own. I knew roughly where it was, by embankment pier and blackfriars, just across from the globe theatre, and as I went to find it I passed by St Paul’s Cathedral for the first time. I had NO idea this thing was so bloody enormous. Seriously. It’s absolutely massive. I thought about going in, but they were about to close so I decided against it. That’ll have to be on my list the next time I come (and I will be back. I promise I will be back. Either as a visitor or an immigrant). The Tate Modern was really pretty neat. It too is gigantic, has ten stories of art rooms that are probably the length of a football field. There was really only 2 levels that I found particularly interesting, but here are some of my favourite pieces I saw.


My favourite artists there were Matisse, Dali, and Magritte. And okay, Picasso and Monet were cool too. Frankly, there was loads of really interesting artwork and it really is a fantastic museum; probably one of my favourite museums I’ve ever attended. So if you’re in London, plan to go to the Tate Modern. It’s enormous and can easily take up 3+ hours of time if you let it. It’s free. And the art is wonderful.

An Awful Audience

I was going to go eat dinner afterward before Matilda. Sadly, I got stuck in the underground in the first bout of letdown I’ve had from London public transportation. When the train moved and I finally got off it to transfer lines, I couldn’t even get on the Northern line’s platform because there were people crammed together out in the tunnel a ways. So I said forget it and walked upstairs to go and catch a bus. At this point I knew I didn’t have time for dinner. It was about a half hour until the show started.

It’s an immense production, Matilda. The stage, choreography and lighting are magnificent, and the job that all the kids do acting is super impressive. Sadly, the audience was the least respectful I’ve ever dealt with. There were two women near me that wouldn’t stop talking the entire second act. The theatre apparently sells massive bags of crisps or something, because the whole audience sounded like they were going to town on a bag of Walker’s. It was really frustrating. Add to this that people were getting up and walking in and out like mad. I was upset. I would think the theatre would do a better job regulating all of that. I would have understood if it was kids doing this, because there are a lot of kids that come to this show, but it wasn’t just kids. It was grown adults. The women by me were easily near 60 years old. I tried to tell them to shut up once and felt bad because the girl next to me was all confused thinking I was talking to her and I’m like.. Obviously I mean those two. But oh well. If the show comes to the US, and it should, take your kids to see it. The little Matilda girl was phenomenal and I’m telling you; the scenery and the set and lights and everything — This is a real production. They go all out on it. It was fun.


Tomorrow: I leave my AirBnB and join my brother Daniel for Saturday and Sunday. We’re planning to see Westminster Abbey, take a tour of parliament, and head to Downing Street and Buckingham palace. He has the Churchill war rooms listed as well, but he put that down for Sunday too, so I don’t know. Hopefully he’ll be better at picking food. . . Maybe Mexican? 🙂

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