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The Lonely (non)Alcoholic

by Avery

The Lonely (non)Alcoholic


I woke up today, unwilling to really do much. It’s a mix of things: 1. I’m kind of burned out with the whole explore and tour thing. 2. Brighton doesn’t have a whole lot, unless you’re able to go shopping a ton. 3. I’m trying to accept the being at ease while on vacation. I’ve wanted to know what it’s like to live here, so let’s simulate it a little bit.

Anywho, I stayed in bed for a while. I read a bit. I looked at some comments on my stories that people have been reading for me (still could use some more eyes, if you’re available. Need to polish them for grad school apps.) and then I just kind of chilled.

For lunch I went and searched for this little hole-in-the-wall place called the Burger Brothers. It’s supposed to be the best burger in the UK and it has great reviews and a lot of awards. I grabbed ‘the favourite’ burger from them and headed down to the beach to eat it, seeing as how they have no seating. This was both a splendid and a horrible idea. The burger really was good. It had goat cheese, a grilled red pepper, a special sauce of theirs, and rocket, and it was all on this really unique bun. The issue was that I had no hair tie and the wind from the sea was going mad and I was eating ½ burger and ½ hair. Still. It was good. I was happy.

When I finished I just kinda sat, walked, and stood about the beach. I just love the ocean. Like, I really love it. The tide was coming in and the waves were picking up and kids were running to the shore and then away from the waves. The beach is filled with little rocks that the waves run up to, seize hold of, and drag hopelessly back to the sea. It makes a wonderful and relaxing sound. Between that and sound of the surging ocean as the waves build up and then come crashing back down… The sea just makes me happy and I could literally stand by it all day long and never feel bad about it.

Except that it was getting pretty chilly. This was enough for me to turn around and head back for the flat, but it was also enough to cause a little fun before I left. There’s a bunch of little lookout-dock sort of things situated along the beach and people like to go out on them and watch the waves get broken up by the prow. It’s like being on a vessel, except not. There are also fishers there and some have little statues or pay-to-view binoculars. Anywho, it’s also a big photo opportunity for people. Two older women were taking advantage of just this, standing at the point and snapping a selfie. Did I mention the tide was coming in? Yeah, you’ve guessed what’s next. An enormous wall of water came barreling into the wall, soared up into the air and crashed down on top of the two ladies. One of them thought it was hillarious. She couldn’t stop laughing and it made the rest of feel good about laughing along with them. But the other woman was hopping mad. They were quite wet, and as I said, it was well cold. I understand her frustration, but it was also funny.

I returned to the flat for some more chilling. This was when I saw a little tweet on Twitter. Emma Blackery had just posted a photo of herself and a few friends, walking the the lanes and going down to Brighton Pier. That’s right, Emma Blackery, the YouTube, musician, writer, personality that I so freaking admire was at the pier at right near the same time as me. My ONE time I’m ever actually in Brighton and I could have actually had a chance to meet her but for mere probable minutes.

I went back out for dinner and saw the town at night. It’s all lit up with rainbows everywhere. Brighton is sort of the LGBT capital of the UK and they’re not shy about showing this. I found an Italian restaraunt that I ducked into called Bella Italia. The waitress sat me at a table and I waited more than 10 minutes before she finally came back around. She said sorry and then told me it was probably going to be at least a half an hour until the food could come out. I said that would be alright. Then I told her I wanted the lasagne, which was fine. She asked what to drink and I said still water and then I watched her face turn to a sort of frown and she said “I’m actually not sure we still have lasagne, let me go check.” She left for 30 seconds and came back and said they were out. At which point I laughed, told her if she wanted be out so badly she could just say so and decided to leave. It was pretty clear she wasn’t thrilled about having to serve a single person, especially one who wasn’t spending some good pounds on the alcohol.

I was pretty frustrated but I went off in search of somewhere else to go and eventually chose another Italian spot called Zizi’s Ristorante. Now, before you jump all over me for picking a bunch of Italian places, let me explain. Brighton has some decent food joints, but it’s also a sort of vegan/vegetarian hellscape. Literally everywhere you look is another vegan restaurant. It’s not that I have an issue with people who are vegan… It’s just, a whole town? It’s like they’ve taken over and I haven’t the freedom to choose anymore. As it turns out, my meal was actually vegetarian anyway, tehe. But I’ve set a pretty hard budget for the remainder of the trip, and I was well under my daily limit for the day so I decided to treat myself. I ordered their passion-fruit punch to drink, the bruschetta as an appetizer, and the pomodoro pasta for mains. It was all really good, albeit slightly pricey, it wasn’t the most expensive meal I’ve had! The lovely Portman still wins that award. I’m kidding. That place wins nothing. It was awful.

Today I felt like I was approaching what it would be like to just live here. It was nice. I’ve realised that Brighton itself might be a little less desirable than living in Hove. Hove seems to be the more upscale version of Brighton. Nonetheless, I love waking up to the sea, hearing the seagulls throughout the day, standing on the beach whenever I wish. If there is one thing I know I have to make happen in my life it’s living by the ocean. I cannot have it any other way.  

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